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Geary Explains Concealed Carry Class

Concealed Carry Class Schedule Fayetteville NC
2024: (March 9), (April 13), (May 18), (June 8) 
(Each class is a complete session)

  • Limited Seating: Reserve your seat now by calling (910) 670-2055!

  • Location:  Marriott Courtyard 4192 Sycamore Dairy Rd. Fay, NC 28303.

  • Time: 8:30 Registration. Class 9:00 am until 7:00 pm.  

  • Lunch: about 1:30 pm.   Snacks/drinks permitted during class instruction.

  • Cost is $80.00 per person (cash or major credit cards accepted).  Textbook cost is additional $6.00

  • Payment:  Due on the day of the class.

  • Range Cost: Students pay for use directly to the range facility. The range cost is NOT included in the class price.

  • The range cost is about $15.00.

  • Range Location:   Will be given at the time of registration. 

  • As a student, you are required to bring a gun and at least 40 rounds of ammunition.

  • If you do not have a handgun, a 9mm will be provided to use for qualification for an additional cost of $5.00.

  • Eye and ear protection and target are included in the range price.

  • Range Qualification:   After class.

Classroom instruction is 8 hours, an hour for lunch and 30 minutes to qualify, which meets the minimum state standards.

Much of the class will be on the legalities and what happens when you are involved in a confrontation and the before and after of it.

Other parts of the program include the following:

  • Responsibilities of owning a handgun.

  • Locations where firearms may or may not be carried.

  • Marksmanship fundamentals

  • Handgun nomenclature

  • Cleaning procedures

  • How to draw the handgun from various holster positions.  

  • The class will involve shooting at distances of 3, 5, and 7-yards

  • A minimum of 10 rounds must be fired at all three distances.

  • A written legal exam will be administered after classroom instruction ends. Passing score is 80%.


There are several things you need to know before taking our concealed carry class in Fayetteville NC. One is that the instructor Geary Chlebus has decades of experience in the law enforcement field, both civilian and military. He has trained some unique military units.  He is also certified by the State of North Carolina as an instructor and uses the material certified by the state to be used for instruction. The class will be 8 hours long and includes firearms training, range times, consultation on weapon choice, classroom instruction and more.

Eight hours sounds like a long time, but compared to your life or the life span of someone close to you, it is but a blink of an eye. Your extensive training will cover all aspects of CCH, while shorter classes by instructors trying to accommodate will not. It's that simple.



We Don't Want You To Just Survive a Lethal Encounter, We Want You to Prevail!

There is no second place in a gun fight!  So, are you mentally and physically prepared for the unthinkable?  How far are you willing to go if the attacker wants to sexually assault, kidnap, or murder you or another? Do you understand the psychological affects that take place after the encounter? If deadly force is immediately necessary, are you trained to “Make Your Shot Count?"

At Make Your Shot Count! (MYSC), students learn to critique themselves and acknowledge where training would increase their competence in the use of a firearm in a home invasion or street encounter.  Classes focus on learning legal consequences of their action or inaction, techniques, tactics, and application to real life encounters.  Different scenarios are used to enhance the learning experience and encourage instinctive reactionary action to an attack, achieving positive results.

Students complete a self-evaluation before class starts. Some of the questions include:   
1.    What level of tactical/survival competence do you currently have?
2.    If you do not know your competence level, how do you feel about encountering someone who shows confidence and is willing to do anything to win?
3.    Are you truly committed to pursuing training that will require commitment?
Do you want to obtain a higher competence and confidence level?  MYSC will train you to improve your mindset and skills in the amount of time we work together.  You will develop an aptitude and ability to be a victor and not a victim.

Students who attended training instructed by MYSC have commented (paraphrase):
“I am learning a lot and thought I knew it.”
“I have learned more than what I expected and don’t regret attending a MYSC class.”  
“The cost of the class was well worth paying especially after realizing my weaknesses.”
“I hesitated in taking the class at first, then realized the instructor broke everything down
to where I could understand it.”
“I learned to shoot from many positions and the street application of them.”

MYSC is driven to offer quality instruction provided by knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors whose focus is seeing you, the student, grow in handling situations that may or may not require the use of firearms.  MYSC advocates using good judgment throughout all encounters.  The training is designed to teach you how to evaluate situations, determine what courses of action are available, when to engage another person(s) with a firearm, and the legal and civil consequences of the actions taken.

The goal of MYSC is to serve you, the student, with realistic and practical instruction that will make you as good as possible during our time together. Enhancing your skills is a focal point we take seriously and the use of good judgment must be at the forefront of your decision making at all times. When you attend one of our classes, your abilities and skills at the beginning of class do not matter.  Your level of achievement/progress at the end of class is what matters. If you desire to reach the highest level of competence possible for yourself, our staff and curriculum will assist you in trying to fulfill your desire to improve.

MYSC conducts a Concealed Carry Handgun class with students ranging from having never shot a firearm before to students having years of shooting experience to include past and present military personnel. Students come to class with preconceived information about what constitutes justifiable self-defense, handling firearms, and where they can and cannot carry a firearm.  Students are guided to what the law states and how courts have interpreted various deadly force encounters.  Students' misunderstanding of the law are rectified as to what the state expects of law abiding firearms owners. I do not advise students on the law. I discuss ways to look at what the law may be saying.

You will gain knowledge, skills, and/or understanding of what choices are available and the consequences of your choice in a lethal encounter.  At the end of class, you will take with you marksmanship skills, a mindset on how to avoid or engage in a lethal encounter, and proper application of tactics learned. MYSC strives to provide you with high training standards that surpass some of rudimentary classes you might have experienced.

After all, YOU are the main product MYSC is proud to advertise and promote. As a graduate, YOU represent what we are about; quality instruction with personal attention.

Students have found MYSC classes to be informative, engaging, and relevant.  Your first experience at MYSC will intensify your commitment to raising your skill level.  I will personally welcome you to all classes and monitor your instruction for success.

You can contact Make Your Shot Count (MYSC) at: or call
(910) 670-2055

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