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Our Students Say.....

Geary is the man you want when you want a concealed carry advanced instructor. His class is detailed yet entertaining and he provides real-world scenarios which prepare you for the unexpected. I've learned many things about firearms from him and watched him educate and train several people. I highly recommend Geary for firearm training and especially before you even buy a gun.

                                                                                         ----Don M.

Mr Geary, the concealed carry instructor here, did a great job in the sense that he utilized REALITY in the shooting portion of the class. And the fact that he takes time to cater to each individual student shows that he cares about our safety and ultimately our lives. I also enjoy the fact that he does his classes on the weekends. It is very convenient and it was well worth the money. If you're looking for a concealed carry class here is the place to get it.
----Sonny P.

I went to get a lesson here in the fine art of shooting firearms from a Mr. Geary Chlebus. Now guns are a rather unsettling subject, but Mr. Chlebus put me completely at ease with his friendly, helpful manner.
He explained that one must be mentally tough enough to deal with the consequences of putting a bullet into someone else's body, not to mention that there are legal and financial consequences to taking another person's life.
He explained it all in a manner that made perfect sense, and took away any apprehensions I had about shooting firearms. I also feel more aware of the responsibilities that surround having a gun. Good job, Geary!
----Charles F.

Mr. Geary was a great instructor for the Saturday 9am-7pm concealed carry class and taught the group very well. Showed us the real way to handle a handgun shooting wise in a real gun fight. And the legal information that was given was very important. Happy to have taken this class with this instructor!
----Adam B.

Conceal carry class. Geary was awesome. He not only taught about the laws but very informative about safety and gun handling. Not your normal shooting. Made you stand in different positions to prove you can still shoot safely and shoot defensively. Which is what this is all about anyway. Every other Saturday. Sign up for his class. You will not be disappointed.
----Roy H.

Really enjoyed Gary"s Saturday class! He was thorough and entertaining. He was excellent at getting everyone  involved in the lecture material. There are many options out there,  so I'm really glad that I ended up here.
----Marsha C

The concealed carry course is very informative, helpful, and it relates tremendously to every day events that could happen in every day life. Gary is a very good instructor who knows the materials and has years of experience in the field
----Juan P.

The Concealed Carry class and Satuday Class with Gary was very professional and thoughral. I enjoyed the experience.
----Jeffery W.

his was my first ever concealed carry class and it was very informational and easy to learn. Mr. Chelbus was very fun and made the class interesting. I would recommend this class to anyone. GREAT CLASS !!!
----Jamie K.

Great CCH Class given by Geary Chlebus.
----Lamont B.

My husband and I took the Concealed Carry Handgun training class yesterday that is being held right here at Jim's.  We've been procrastinating taking the class because it is an all day event; however, and here comes the good part...Geary, the instructor, made the abundance of legal information easy to understand by using real life scenarios mixed with humor.  We laughed a lot and remember the information as well.  The range instructions were real-life shooting instructions - I'm in it (once you take the class you find out what it means :
Highly recommend this class (and the instructor)!
----Heike B.

I took the Saturday class with Mr. Geary Chlebus. He made the class very enjoyable and taught me a lot of things the through out the class. Will definitely recommend this class to anyone who is trying to get their concealed carry
----Brennen H.

I took the CCH class on Saturday a few months back and found the class realistic and practical.  Geary's teaching style was entertaining and easy to understand.  The way the class was taught was very thought provoking and made me see the legal and financial consequences of taking another person's life. This class is for those who want to understand what happens before, during, and after the shot is taken.  Highly recommend for serious gun owners.
-----Catherine F.

he instuctor, Geary, was excellent! His experience  and teaching style made the concealed carry class informative and interesting. He shared information above and beyond the basics. I highly recommend the the class
----Flo M.

Myself and my room mate both took the concealed carry class last month on Saturday with Geary. Very knowledgeable instructor who taught us many things I did not know about an actual shooting situation in the street. I recommend his class for everyone.
----Lane D.

I took a CCH class taught by Geary Chlebus. He teaches the Saturday classes from 9-7. His approach was different and definitely widened my view of real life scenarios and how to properly stay within legal limits whilst carrying a handgun. Great instructor and very military/LEO friendly. Great stories too, very relatable!
----William D.

I took the Saturday class with Geary Chlebus. I had a wonderful time. And I learned a lot and this is the place to go if you are trying to get your CCH.
----Shea E.

My wife and I took the CCH course this past Saturday with Geary Chlebus from 9am-7pm and the class was awesome. Geary took the time and effort to make all information understandable to all 7 of us. My experience was great and he taught me some new things that the military didn't about close combat or street fightinh. He was a total professional and my wife loved his hands on training because she had never fired a hand gun before  and was very uncomfortable with it until Geary worked with her. Gearys approach to each student was fantastic. I would highly recommend him for any hand gun training. Keep up the great work and a job well done!!
----Scott H.

I took the Saturday class with Geary Chlebus and learned more than I already knew.  I had an outstanding experience because I thought it was going to be dry and boring and it was most definitely not boring.  I highly recommend if you are looking for a CCH class this is the place to go, and go on a Saturday and meet Geary for yourself.
----Mystic D.

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