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Your total CCH training experience will consis of CCH Strategy, Personal Development, 8 Hours Class including: ​Situational Training​, Range Practice Time​, Firearms Training, ​Selecting Your Best Gun, ​Coaching, ​Q&A , Ammunition Advice and Individual Attention. Descriptions coming.

CCH Strategy

.Providing realistic and practical explanations to firearms methodology and range tactics applicable to street encounters.

Personal Development/Mind Set
Situational Training

Preparation for quick encounters in personal, business and family settings.

​Ammunition Recommendations

Advice and suggestions on optimal ammunition that meets manufacturer's recommendation and your own personal needs.


Firearms Training & Practice Time
​Comprehensive Class Time

Covers marksmanship skills, application of tactics, commitment to following through, moral and ethical decisions and what constitutess justified self-defense.


​Selecting Your Best Weapon

Everyone is different and unique and your selection of firearm should be based on choosing a name brand, manufacturer that meets your physical capabilities and personality.


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