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Who Came To Concealed Carry Class in Fayetteville NC?

Concealed Carry Class Fayetteville NC

What a surprise! Several months ago, while teaching a Concealed Carry Handgun class at Jim’s Pawn Shop and Gun Jobbery in Fayetteville, I was visited by an investigator for the North Carolina Department of Justice The investigator, dressed liked the students, came into the classroom to observe my instruction. I added him to the classroom discussion without knowing his identity or why he was there. I believe that anyone who observes my classes may have the intention of adding to their arsenal of knowledge. People who stop by are asked to sit down and participate if they want at no cost. One student asked a question which I posed to the class for their view point on how to handle the situation. I called upon my visitor who then identified himself with his credentials and stated why he was there. The investigator said that he was auditing the class to verify if the state standards were being followed. I turned the class over to the investigator and listened to the questions he asked students. He asked about what topics were being taught, the length of the classroom instruction, the range qualification process and the verification of my credentials and materials used. The investigator was thorough in his questioning and found no discrepancies. The investigator did say that the State is cracking down on instructors who aren’t following the lesson plans and those who are delivering the course in less than the 8-hour classroom requirement. Both the instructors and students are losing their credentials for taking short cuts In most classes that I have taught since 2005, students continue to ask what time is class over and would I shorten the time like other instructors do. My simple response is NO! Situations involving a firearm confrontation are serious and understanding the consequences is essential. The decision to avoid confrontations with a firearm is crucial. If a firearm is used, the consequences of “what happens after the shot is taken” will change your life drastically. Will you know what to expect? Will you know how to prepare yourself and family for what is to come for years? Was the cost of the experience worth it? I stress the avoidance of using any firearm whenever possible. It is better to leave and live because you do not know the skill level of your adversary. You may be good but what happens if the other person is better? If you find yourself in a confrontation and cannot avoid using your firearm, always remember to “Make Your Shot Count!” Contact me at 910-670-2055 for realistic and street-proven tactics which increase your odds of avoiding second place in a gun fight and instead, taking first place as the victor.

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